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Jacinthe Lamontagne-Lecomte


At first sight, same same no difference... Well look closely... We are six and we all are so much different...

But still, we have almost the same long shape, the same wonderful envelope, cold skin. And yet, so different.

Which one are you?

Can you see the woman?

But this is the reality of life. And these differences make the world... And these differences feed your curiosity to go ahead and learn about people. They give you the little push you need to go and relate to others...

Can you see a disabled?

We all are humans with blood and feelings, fears and a heart...beating! Even with our differences. The fundamental remains the same.

Can you see the one with psychological disease?

Different religions, different skin colors, different ways of living, habits. We live in different parts of the world, countries, cities with different time zones. Some work, some don't. Some are in good health while others are sick.

Can you see the one who protects himself from others?

Can you see the one that is pulled to the bottom?

Can you see the one that looks straight and thinks the sky is the limit?

Who is normal? What is normal?

Which one are you????

And even if we are so different one from the other, we ALL are human beings. And in that case, we are same same and not different.


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